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dōTERRA Anti-Aging skin care
products with Essential oils

Serenity essential oil body lotion & bath bar

 Hand & Body Lotion

 Citrus Bliss & Serenity Essential Oil Bath Bars

Relax with Serenity essential oil, bath bar and body lotion found to relax  calm and sooth feeling of stress 

Hand & Body Lotion is a silky, fragrance free lotion perfect for blending with your favorite essential oil

Invigorating Citrus Bliss or Serenity Calming Bath bars with essential oils

Hydrating Cream 

 Clear Skin Roll on

 Immortelle Roll on
Hydrate your skin with Lavender Jasmine Geranium & Frankincense

Improve skin tone and texture, specifically targeting blemishes

Anyone desiring more radiant, smooth and youthful skin. 

 Skincare kit with Hydrating cream  Skincare kit with serum & hydratng cream  Skincare with Scrub

Full Skin care Kit


Citrus Bliss shower gel & body lotion

  Body butter & body lotion
Pamper yourself with the full skin care program every day  Liven up any bath time with Citrus Bliss essential oil, body wash with buff puff and finish off with our essential oil body lotion  Smooth dry skin with Citrus & cinnamon essential oil body butter and body polish

 Choice of skincare kit either with LRP's or without

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 Alpha CRS Scientific   Children's Supplements Cinnamon information  Clear Skin topical blend
 DDR Mitomax supplements  Essential Oils Blend Chart Facewash Clearskin Hydrating cream  Family Physician Kit
 GX Assist Hair Salon Essentials  Helichrysum essential oil Immortelle
Intune Oil Blend  On Guard Throat drops   PB Assist Salon Essentials Shampoo
 Salon Essentials Conditioner  Salon Essentials Serum  Salon Essentials Hold Glaze    Skin care set
Skin care ingredients  Slim & Sassy  Soap & hand lotion  Soap Bars
 Sanobella Hair set  Terrashield oil blend   Terrazyme  Trim Shakes
 Wellness Pack  Wintergreen Oil  Womens Bone Nutrient Womens Phytoestrogen
  Womens Solace Blend XEOmega supplements  Zendocrine  









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