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Lotus Therapeutic Essential Oils Diffuser

Do you suffer with Sinus Asthma, Stress, allergies, or any kind
of breathing difficulty?

Then you would benefit greatly from a Lotus Diffuser that breaks down
essential oils into a micro particles mist that your body
can instantly gain relief from.

The Lotus Therapeutic Essential Oils Diffuser is great after a stressful day at work or even for those of us at home looking after the kids! Noticable lifting and relaxing effect's when installed in any room - Would be great if there was one in every Dentist Waiting room for example or even in the Office.

Lotus Diffuser on

How long does your normal air freshner last a week two weeks? Does it start strong then fizzel out after just a few days? Yes! 

How would you like to change your air freshner every day to match your mood? When you have a cold wouldn''t it be nice to be able to have something that would help clear your head and help you breathe more easily?  Or maybe you've had a bad day at work and you just want to come home and unwind with just a few drops of your favourite dōTERRA essential oils or oil blends you can.

If this sounds like you then you could benefit from  the Lotus Electic therapeutic Essential Oils Diffuser.

Check out all the benefits of changing over to a Lotus aroma Diffuser.
  The Lotus aroma Diffuser uses a highly efficient real time atomization technology to effectively diffuse therapeutic essential oils into the environment.

Benefits of the Lotus Therapeutic Essential Oils Diffuser

  1. The essential oils are atomized into minute ion particles and active oxygen ions. Which are more easily absorbed by the human body, than oils diffused by conventional diffusers. dōTERRA is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of the Lotus diffuser to you and you family. 
  2. Impressed by its sophisticated design as well as its fine function, this elegant aroma diffuser is distinct from the traditional aromatherapy items. Below you will find its advantages and benefits.

    By enabling a complete combination of natural water and botanic essential oil through the effect of supersonic wave, this product breaks up essential oil into extremely fine micro-particles and releases the active ingredients within, bringing about the natural pharmaceutical effect of aromatherapy by way of human respiratory tract and realizing excellent functionality of enhancing health claming and soothing anxiety and beautifying and moisturizing skin.
  3. Driven by ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 1,600,000 times, dissolves the 100% pure essential oils into micro particles of 5 um diameter and releases aroma mist.
  4. Ingenious and exquisite design by German designers, a combination of orient and western cultures and modern science and technology.

    Two diffusing settings with safety switch.30s on / 15s off intermittently cyclic setting.
    30 minutes continuously working setting

    TerraShield_PIP_v11.pdf            Family_Physician_Kit.pdf           WellnessBrochure.pdf            In Tune Oil Blends.pdf            Spa Ideas.pdf

    Disperses therapeutic properties of essential oils without use of heat or candle resources, very safe, no fire or carbon dioxide suffocation caused and fully retain the original element of essential oil, pure natural and healthy, complied with international environmental standard.

    Built-in water level sensor, automatic shut off when water reaches minimum level.

    Soft LED light in blue creates a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

    Economical: only 3-5 drops of essential oil with 70ml water, works for 30-60 minutes

    Applicable water: Tap water or mineral water at room temperature

    Applicable space: 30m2

    Applicable places: Rooms, Drawing rooms, Conference rooms, Hotels, Hospitals, Dentists, Hairdressers, Beauty Parlors Hairdressers Funeral Parlours, Vets, Sick rooms and SPA circumstances.

Essential oils for your diffuser.pdf


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