Flexi-bar Review

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There are Flexi-bar imitation's out there that you could buy but only the true Flexi-bar is guaranteed and runs classes around the country!

Flexi-bar Exercises

I thought you might be interested to learn that I also use a Flexi-bar to help tone up my arms, namely my triceps which as you get older get very loose and tend to flap when you lift your arms up not very flattering.  I first saw one on a shopping channel either QVC or Ideal World can't remember which now but the concept of shaking a pole which would stimulate all my muscle's and tone them up sounded to good to be true. Anyway I decided to buy one several months later and have never regretted it. I've been using mine for about 2 years now and my arms are so much firmer and I am in my 50's. I find the women are more willing to believe in it than the men I think they think its a bit girl, until they try it. Shaking your flexi-bar for just a minute with your arm outstretched is really hard work, your arm itself will begin to shake to a point where you just have to stop. If you can do that every day for a couple of minutes I can guarantee you will feel a difference. There are lots of exercises you can do with the bar and they are all demonstrated on their posters, and they explain what each exercise does for you ie; triceps, biceps abs. If you have a week back these exercises actually help strengthen it. You can hang your poster on the wall somewhere close by and practice the exercise's in Stage 1 and Stage 2 as you progress. You can even see it done online or on the DVD which comes with it I would recommend this flexi-bar for any one wanting to tone up their muscles who aren't capable to done other strenuous forms of weight training.

Cons - There isn't any really, you just need to find time in your day to use it regularly for it to take effect. I think it would be better it you joined a work out group and learnt all the exercises.

Pros  - I bought mine with a carrying case which comes in handy transporting it around with me. I can just throw the handle of the bag over my shoulder and it's so lite it's not a problem. So in the morning now I can do a few varied exercises in my office before I start my day knowing I am doing my bit to get a firmer more shapelier body. It's a great way to work out and at 52, now (56) I am proud of my new firm arms and my core muscle's are coming on a treat to. and you

Pros  -  It doesn't take up any space, it's fairly light and you can use it just about anywhere.


So yes to all those skeptics out there, yes I do believe it works it certainly gets the heart pumping and after 10 minutes I would even break into a sweat because it works your muscles so hard. I can even say it's fun and if you do the exercises as shown you will see great results. If you have limited movement in your body ie; in a wheelchair you would benefit from using this flexi-bar it's so versatile. A couple of minutes on each arm is a real challenge and I have been using mine for some years now it really does work and I can highly recommend any one to try it and join a class with your friends it's real fun you will love it. Ideal World have a great offer at the moment with 50% off you wont find that any where else. It's a great time to start if you are interested make the most of this offer everything's thrown in you wont find any where cheaper, my bar cost more than this on it's own!

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