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 Just join as a Wellness Advocate and place a 125PV order and you will also receive a copy of doTERRA's Product Guide Magazine from me just to say thank you, and also benefit from purchasing your products wholesale.

Hi there my name is Angela Ashton I am a Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA my ID is 31012.
I live in the U.K. I am 56 years young and my full time job is IT Technician. I've tried several network marketing companies online mainly before all in the health and fitness industry but never finding the right one for me until now.

It doesn't matter how good the compensation plan is, if the products are poor and over priced. I read reviews and listened to people's testimonials and listened to Doctor David Hill who you can also listen to on my webinar link page or find him on Youtube.

The company doTERRA has grown all over the world and is just getting bigger because people just love the essential oils and the essential oil products so they find the retention rate is greater than most companies because they believe in sharing their knowledge about the essential oils and want everyone to experience what a true Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil really means and what benefits you should expect to receive.

doTERRA Independent Product ConsultantAs such the products were my main interest and they had to be affordable and they had to be 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil products. I was looking after my partner who was suffering from Cancer and we had heard a great deal about the benefits of Frankincense essential oil but also knew that not all oils were equal, trust me some are just for Pot Pori.

I wanted to try doTERRA's oils out first without committing to the business opportunity long term, yet I wanted to save money. So I signed up as a Independent Product Consultant and saved myself 25 percent and chalked up a lot of loyalty reward points in the process, which was great because I got to try out most of doTERRA's products if not all over time. But that took time, It was not until nearly a year later that I decided that I would like to share my experiences with other like minded people and earn a residual income in doing so.

I certainly didn't want to hold stocks of product and I didn't want to sign a 12 month contract binding me to spend a fixed sum every month, I learnt that the company look after all customers orders and payments securely directly. So I have been more than impressed with doTERRA and their staff. Orders are despatched quickly and start from £3.00 and on are also dispatched on a date that you prefer and you can change your order and date every month if need be to suit you. All in all I have been more than impressed at the setup and the health benefits received from their products and want nothing more than to share them with other like minded people.

I have found a lot of life changing benefits for myself personally as I have had to deal with a lot of pain and discomfort due to having contracted Polio as a child and now as I get older I have to deal with a lot of wear and tear issues. Until you have experienced muscle and joint pain on a daily basis and realised that I needed to do some research of my own as I wasn't getting any where with the medical profession, who could only offer me something with a long list of side effects and told me the chance of them happening to me was probably 1000 to 1 just didn't impress me at all. I knew there were natural product alternatives out there I just had to find the ones right for me.

That is when I came across essential oils made by doTERRA. I started by using oils like Deep Blue, Lemongrass, Frankincense, Myrrh and Fennel on my partner who enjoyed the relief from pain they gave him. I noticed some phenomenal results with the Frankincense which as I cannot prove here for you but would highly recommend someone to try after reading the research on this truelly great oil. My partners cancer had spread to far to save him but they did bring him a great deal of comfort. Which made me realise that these oils do really have therapeutic properties and continued to use them on myself. I have had a lot of falls and damaged a lot of tendons and muscles recently and been told I have a lot of wear and tear to my back and hip. I take doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Supplements every day but I still needed help with continuing pain and the only thing that worked for me was the use of the Lemongrass and a product called Novo Prime liquicaps. To have relief from pain was like being touched by an Angel. I tried other oils in the Deep blue range which helped but, this problem was a lot more serious than aches and pains. I read up on the power of Lemongrass and Novo Prime and just by using these two products actually left me pain free after 3 days I can't tell you how good that feels after having months of pain. This is something that everyone has to find out for themselves and when you do, you will be hooked just like me.
I can't afford to waste my time being ill when life is so short. So look no further do your research on doTERRA products and let's get you back on the road to recovery today.

Every one needs some kind of residual income to fall back on and that is what I've done and intend to go further with doTERRA and enjoy a better way of life COMMISSION PLAN I also received my very own website and was able to give it a name that I liked and have access to some great business tools in the backoffice. You can even go into the back office and edit your monthly order or check up on how your business is doing and more. I want to build and expand my business even further and help other people like myself to earn a residual income.

If you are an experienced network marketer, then you will understand what a great business opportunity this can be once you have checked out the business opportunity commission plan . It's not pyramid selling any one coming in for the first time can make a considerable amount of money, the sky's the limit really it's up to you how much you want to earn.

When you have made your decision I will see you on the other side.

Kind regards
Angela Ashton

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